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    Viktorija Troickaja: Only from portrait photography I get goosebumps
    Viktorija Troickaja: Only from portrait photography I get goosebumps

    According to photographer and member of World Professional Photographers Organization Viktorija Troickaja, climate of Baltic countries and cold Baltic Sea shaped the style in her photography. The dark and cold tones of her portraits are the real aesthetics of the North, which distinguishes her works. This is what allowed Victoria to win in 35AWARDS for 2 years in a row, and then become an invited member of the jury of the international contest.

    29 oct, 2020
    Egle Ellerman: Don’t try to please other people’s tastes – your vision is unique

    Egle Ellerman is a Russian photographer from Denmark and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization. In Ellerman's works, every detail plays an important role – to reflect worldview of Egle, convey her vision of erotic and prove that the most important thing in art is to follow your creative impulses. Otherwise, you will lose yourself.

    05 oct, 2020
    Mofeed Abu Schalwa: I chose macro photography to conquer my fear

    Do you know that your phobia can lead you to success? No? Macro and micro photographer Mofeed Abu Shalwa knows how to overcome a fear and become a worldwide famous researcher with 5 international titles and 147 prizes won. In his interview to WPPO, Mofeed shared his secret of success and even gave practical advice for amateur photographers!

    22 sep, 2020
    Finalists Announced for Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

    The jury of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards announced the finalists of this year. 13 funny animal photos from around the world are 13 reasons to smile! According to organizers of the competition, 2020 was full of surprises – they never have had so many entries, and of such high quality as in this year. The main aim of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is promoting conservation through a positive message. What a positive message? You will not find here photos of environmental tragedies, but only comical images of animals around the world. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards shows that every creature on our planet has its right for living. On 22th October winners of 2020 will be uncovered.

    15 sep, 2020
    Pedro Londoño: Documenting something is giving a visual opinion of what we think

    Colombian photographer and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization, Pedro Londoño, differs from many photographers in his view of the world – each of his images surprises with an unusual angle or successfully captured moment. When you watch at his images, the question immediately arises: “What happened next?” The maestro of documentary photography shared his opinion in our interview about the essence of photography and its main task, and answered what exactly makes a shot great.

    30 aug, 2020

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    21 jul, 2021
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