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    Egle Ellerman: Don’t try to please other people’s tastes – your vision is unique
    Egle Ellerman: Don’t try to please other people’s tastes – your vision is unique

    Egle Ellerman is a Russian photographer from Denmark and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization. In Ellerman's works, every detail plays an important role – to reflect worldview of Egle, convey her vision of erotic and prove that the most important thing in art is to follow your creative impulses. Otherwise, you will lose yourself.

    05 oct, 2020
    Pedro Londoño: Documenting something is giving a visual opinion of what we think

    Colombian photographer and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization, Pedro Londoño, differs from many photographers in his view of the world – each of his images surprises with an unusual angle or successfully captured moment. When you watch at his images, the question immediately arises: “What happened next?” The maestro of documentary photography shared his opinion in our interview about the essence of photography and its main task, and answered what exactly makes a shot great.

    30 aug, 2020
    Maria Presser: Photography is my way of expressing myself and connecting with the world

    Maria Presser, a children's photographer from Argentina and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization, knows what it is to communicate with small capricious clients and how to establish contact with them for a high-quality picture. In her interview, Maria shared her experience of changing profession (from orthodontist to photographer), approach to children photography and the main secrets of a successful photograph.

    22 aug, 2020
    Cristina Coral: The image of woman expresses feelings best

    Our memories have a strong influence on our lives, they are a base for the way we see the worldand idea of beauty. Italian photographer Cristina Coral uses her past as inspiration for herwork. Internal dialogue is a powerful resource for realizing Cristina's ideas in photos. In the interview for Russian Photo Magazine Coral is talking about her approach to work, trends in photography and a photographer’s routine.

    27 jul, 2020
    Streets of modern England through the eyes of a 16-year-old

    At 16 years you can go to Сcollege, fall in love for the first time, get your first job, leave home or get on the page of the magazine World Professional Photography Organization. The latter was achieved by a young English photographer Callum Cole with his fantastic images of the streets of Foggy Albion.

    22 jul, 2020

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