Zhang Despird

ID: AU-0050820

I was born and raised in North-Easten China, and now I'm living in Perth, Australia. In my early ages, after I graduated from university with my Engineering degree in Aviation Electronics (Avionics), I converted my career into a professional software development over the years.

Now I'm a proud father of three children, two boys and a girl.

I have been enthusiastic in art since I was very young, but unfortunately for some reason I had to give up my dream.

However photography has fulfilled my art dream in some way, and I love to capture the best aspects of my life, my children and all the beauty around this peaceful land.

I’m co-founder of a large online photography community 8fotos [东八区影像] on multiple platforms including Wechat, Tuchong, etc. We are committed to international photography cooperation and communication, as well as discoveries of new Chinese artists and works across the globe.

Website: https://gallery.1x.com/member/despird

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13 aug, 2020