Cunning red fox in works of photographer Brittany Crossman

15 oct, 2021


In fairy tales foxes are cunning and treacherous. However, this is just an image that our parents want to teach us to be careful or explain that it is worth it sometimes becoming foxes ourselves. But one thing we know for sure - these incredibly beautiful and intelligent creatures cannot leaveanyone indifferent. Canadian photographer Brittany Crossman fell in love with red foxes as a child and now uses her camera to express her excitement about being around wildlife.


Briefly about myself

I am a wildlife and nature photographer based out of New Brunswick, Canada. My passion for nature and wildlife has been present since childhood. When I was 8 years old, I began photographing whatever I could find using disposable cameras. This passion remained consistent throughout my life, which lead me to major in photography at Mount Allison University.

Over the last decade, I have photographed many different species, but the red fox holds a special place in my heart. I believe that visual storytelling is an essential component to promoting coexistence with wildlife, and eliminating some of that misdirected fear that comes especially with predatory animals. I aim to foster a connection to nature by capturing intimate moments, bringing viewers closer to the lives of these animals.

About my first photos

I have always had a love for animals and wildlife. When I was a young child, my mother had a horse, I would always go down to the pond behind the barn, and look for frogs or snakes to take pictures of with my disposable camera. This interest remained throughout my life and eventually I invested in a good film camera while in high school.

Photography allows me to get outside and connect with nature. There’s no better feeling.


What or who inspires me

I have been inspired by many people over the years. I have watched countless wildlife documentaries that have inspired me to get outside and photograph the beauty in my own province or country. I have also been greatly inspired by other wildlife photographers, like Paul Nicklen, John E. Marriott, Melissa Groo, that are extremely passionate as well as ethical wildlife photographers.

My approach to wildlife photography

I am primarily a wildlife and nature photographer. I very rarely dabble in other genres. Although not always possible, I prefer to create images that are simple, and minimalistic. When photographing wildlife, I always try to position myself to get the cleanest background possible. I also prefer to photograph at ground level, so the images appear eye to eye with the subject.