Egle Ellerman: Don’t try to please other people’s tastes – your vision is unique

05 dec, 2021


Egle Ellerman is a Russian photographer from Denmark and a member of the World Professional Photographers Organization. In Ellerman's works, every detail plays an important role – to reflect worldview of Egle, convey her vision of erotic and prove that the most important thing in art is to follow your creative impulses. Otherwise, you will lose yourself.

- Egle Ellerman, please tell us about yourself.

- I’m a Russian photographer based in Aalborg, Denmark.

I was born in 1990 in little town close to Ufa. Since childhood I was always interested in art and literature, so it was natural way to choose this way to develop passion.

- When and how did you start taking photographs?

- I was a painter for a long time; I was enjoying painting eyes and faces, so that was a natural way to photograph beauty. I try to express my vision through makeup and details.

- How do you get inspired? And what inspires you the most?

- I get inspired by art, mostly from the first part of 20 century. There was a “taste” revolution and a lot of artists tried to think out of the box and express their vision in new way. I find it impressive.

- Is there any other photographer that you consider as a kind of idol?

- Yes, a lot. But the one and only Helmut Newton is my constant idol.

-  Let’s talk about your art. What a role does make-up play in your work? How big is it?

- I pay a lot attention to the makeup. I think it’s a kind of art: textures, forms, colors. From the gentle nude makeup to the wild avant-garde lines. With involving different things into: stones, food, textile, plastic, etc. You can express anything by the makeup itself.

- What do you try to capture in your photographs?

I try to capture my vision of erotic. All my work based on libido. It’s an important part of my art life.

- What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out?

- “Do only what you like specifically.”  There is always a chance to rotate along the way if you try to please other people’s tastes, especially at the beginning of the journey.  Your vision is unique.


- What kind of gear do you use?

- Nikon d800 & Sigma 50mm 1,4.

- Which is your favorite lens? Why?

- It feels like a part of my eyes or brain or something. It matches perfectly.


- You have been participating in 35AWARDS since 2015. What attracts you to this contest?

- I’m not that close to popular trends in photography. There I can explore what most of people like.

- And what do you think participation in WPPO can give you?

- I’m just honored to be a part of the community.