Salem McBunny: Color, makeup and expression create a soul of the good photograph

14 dec, 2021

Gifted artist – this is how you can describe the Fine Art conceptual photographer and member of the World Professional Photographers Organization Salem McBunny. Being an incredible makeup artist, Salem realizes his creative ideas through makeup and color in his photography. And most importantly is that the list of his awards is updated from year to year.


- Salem, tell us please a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?

- I'm Salem McBunny. I have a bachelor in communication sciences, I'm a conceptual photographer, makeup artist and dancer. Since I was a child I lived in a rural community, near Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico. I remember that I always had a taste for fashion and photography that became stronger until those are the things that I love and advocate for, and everyday I want to learn more and more.

- What was your career path in the world of photography?

- Since I was young I loved to take photos with the compact camera I had. I think that everything started when I got my first reflex in university, and I began to take some workshops and one of my impulses was being selected like one of the best entries at the sony awards in 2018. I think that if you do what you love every day, all that you wish will be granted with some effort and dedication on your part.

- Is there any other photographer that you consider as a kind of idol?

- Laura Makabresku is super inspiring, and it fills my soul to see all of her work, it is so romantic. Brooke Shaden is magic to me. Every time I see her work with her thoughts I admire her.

Also I admire a lot of photographers that had a lot of influence on what I do.

- What inspires you?

- At this moment I'm inspired answering this questions, truly I search for inspiration in everything I do. Walking during sunsets is one of my favorite activities, where I can enjoy nights and smells that fill up my thoughts to stay creative. Inspiration is everywhere.

- What role does makeup and color play in your art?

- Makeup and color are one of the most important things in my job. In fact, sometimes I don't have everything on handy during production and whenever it happens I can fix it over the next steps.  I love to transmit my vision through color, makeup and expression.

- From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

- To me, a beautiful image has visual harmony and everything is set up to stay together and it works as a whole in any time. Elements, expressions, colors, everything - it all has a soul.

- How do you get the person in front of the camera in the way you want? 

- I like that people pose face to face when I start a photo session, then I start to play, moving their face from side to side until I find that inexplicable expression that is in each person.

- Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why? 

- The red prisoner and the change are my favorites because it all started in my head but I had a very clear idea of ​​what I wanted, then they began to award themselves in different competitions and that was very magical and meaningful for me, I did them with great affection.

- What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

- Photoshop is my favorite tool.


- What attracts you to participate in 35AWARDS?

- It is an incredible contest, I love that it has many categories, which opens the doors for everyone to participate with their work. I also love that we can all receive a digital certificate that rewards everyone's work, you can see your score and work on continuing to improve every day.

- What about WPPO? Describe your expectations from participating.

I'm the invitation, and the truth is that I just hope that we do magic to the whole team, show the wonders of photography around the world.