Zachar Rise: I do not try to copy techniques of great photographers

22 aug, 2021

Zachar Rise is a member of World Professional Photographers Organization and the leading artistic women's portrait photographer. His photos celebrate female beauty and sexuality. Zachar claims that the secret to success is finding the right model.

- Tell us please a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?
- I was born and raised in Ukraine, since 1991 I have been living in Israel.

- Tell us about your journey in the world of photography.
- I’m an amateur photographer. Photography has been my hobby for about 12 years now.

- What professional photographers have influenced your work?
- Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Marc Lagrange. I also like to learn from artists.

- Do you implement their techniques into your photographs?
- I'm not trying to mimic the technique of these great photographers, but at least I try to follow the mood, some style, color spectrum, etc.

- What do you think comes first in portrait photography?
- The most important thing to find the right model. Of course, mood and technical quality are very important as well.

- What advice would you give a young photographer who would like to start a career as a portrait photographer?
- Give up this idea before it’s too late :)

- What type of cameras do you shoot with?
- My first DSLR was Canon 40D, then 5D Mark II, now - 5D Mark IV.

- You’ve been participating in 35AWARDS since 2015. What attracts you to this contest? Why did you choose this competition?
- When I just started photographing, many photographers participating in the 35AWARDS contest were already great and famous. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be in such a company.

- What do you expect from participating in WPPO?
- Social interaction is the main expectation.