35AWARDS: 'Fashion with water' contest

21 feb, 2022

Photo: Alexander Mindru

Today we want to introduce you to the results of the 'Fashion with water' contest, which was organized on the 35AWARDS platform and collected more than 3500 photos. A photo shoot with water always looks interesting, creative, and unusual. Splashes and lighting solutions create incomparable images that always stand out in the general flow of photographic work. Behind each photo there is serious preparatory work - the choice of location, clothing and necessary equipment require special attention. In this material we will not give you technical advice on shooting, we will share the result - these photos have been chosen by the jury members, and it means that you can focus on them when creating your own images.


Svetlana Medvedeva

Photo: Svetlana Medvedeva


Alexander Nesterenko

Photo: Alexander Nesterenko


Irina Golubyatnikova

Photo: Irina Golubyatnikova


Iryna Petrenko

Photo: Iryna Petrenko


Olesya Kulida


Photo: Olesya Kulida


Alina Sandu


Photo: Alina Sandu


Aleksandar Tomovski

Photo: Aleksandar Tomovski


Photo: Ekaterina Berendykhina


Alyssa Miller

Photo: Alyssa Miller


Pavel Karchevsky

Photo: Pavel Karchevsky


Pavel Serdyuk

Photo: Pavel Serdyuk