Alireza Sahebi: Have you ever heard a sound louder than the sound of the eyes?

06 may, 2022


Alireza Sahebi is an Iranian photographer who started his career with weddings and then found great passion in portrait photography. Ali is best known for his workshops and skills in retourching. Today we are going to show you magnificent photos that made him famous.


Ali, how did you start your journey to photography?

My story didn't start with my passion about photography. At first, when I was 16 years old, I was looking for a job to help my family. So when my cousin who had a photography studio offered me a job as an intern I accepted it because I could make some money in this area. Unfortunately a couple of years later they stopped their business, but a great passion for photography has ignited in me that I could not let it go of. Therefore, I needed to do whatever it takes to persue my dream of being a professional photographer.

How did you find your genre?

I do not consider myself a photographer of a genre, because the desire of knowing and experiencing new things in each genre and the excitement in different styles is endless for me. So I can say that I am always looking for creativity and new ideas from a classic portrait to fashion photography.

What is the secret of communicating with models?

The conversation and then recognizing the moods and the personality traits of each model can play an important role in this regard.  In addition, after choosing the characters , I always try to spend about an hour talking to my models.

Where do you find ideas for photo sets?

Every little thing is full of ideas for me: from the smallest elements in the nature which include colors, designs, light and lines  to the customs of different cultures. I even get ideas from a daily conversation with a friend.

What inspires you?

Studying and watching the works of great photographers, music and nature can inspire me a lot.

Best tips for making a nice shot?

Photography is an internal subject. It may be an interesting subject for one person but boring for another, but a photograph contains two basic elements. Firstly, basics and the principles of technique in photography. Secondly —inspiration and a pure idea and execution.

What is the place of photography in the modern world? How do you think?

Today, it is safe to say that photography is the most powerful art in the world. Modern photography is full of irregularities and it is constantly changing.  The definition of a photographer is also changing, so a successful photographer is  someone who loves the modern photography process, enjoys learning new subjects, seeks new techniques and thinks beyond his own experiences. Moreover, this person should not be afraid of failure and new experiences.

 Alireza, who are your fav photographers?

Richard Avedon

Helmut Newton

Peter Lindbergh

Mario Testino

Annie Leibovitz

Tim Walker

Your fav photoshoot?

Have you ever heard a sound louder than the sound of the eyes? ...

What are you working on now?

During the day and at every moment when I am doing my daily tasks, thousands of ideas are formed in my mind . Therefore, I try to cultivate and magnify each of these ideas. I am currently planning to implement my ideas in different genres.  I am so excited that I can perform my ideas in the best possible way.