Adrian Szatewicz: “I love being one-on-one with nature”

21 jun, 2020


Adrian has been a nature lover since the early years, and as he grew older, his passion was growing too with him. He grew up in the region of Poland, surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers There he was experimenting with his first manual camera: Zenit. The turning point of his life was when he bought his first digital camera – Fuji Finepix s20 pro. Since that moment he knew he would continue to develop his passion as a photographer.


- Adrian, you must travel a lot. Tell us about your favourite places.

- I wish I travelled more than I do now. I am trying to use every free time I have to plan some photo trips or commercial photographic workshops. Most of them take place in Norway, this is where I live right now. I have visited some countries in southern Europe, such as Greece and Albania but my heart will always stay in northern parts of Europe. Scandinavia, Scottish Highlands – these are my favourites, for now. In the nearest future, I am planning to visit Iceland, which will become my next favourite place for sure!

- What attracts you in the landscape genre?

- Landscape photography is something inherent to me. Hard to say what exactly attracted me to this genre – it is everything! I always wanted to share the beauty of nature with others. In most cases, I am travelling alone, I am a loner type, I love being one-on-one with nature, but at the same time, I wish to share the beautiful landscapes I see with others: with my family, friends and all of people interested in my works. Landscape photography is a form of communiсation, I am trying to show the whole beauty of visited places, the mood of that moment. It is my private collection of trips which I want to share with others.

- What other genres of photography are you interested in?

- I guess, in all kinds of nature photography, I love experimenting with macro extension tubes and old manual lenses. I enjoy doing some abstract photos from time to time. When I have a mood I like to grab my camera and go to town where I am practising some industrial/urban/street photography. I am not a person that sticks to one genre but landscape is the principal one for me for sure. Of course nocturnal/astro photography is my second best: How to resist photo shooting northern lights when you live in Scandinavia?

- What, in your opinion, is the most important thing for a successful shot?

- In digital photography, a successful shot is a mixture of experience and luck. First, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Second, you need to have the equipment that you know how to use properly. The last but not the least. you need to know how to process the image in a proper way to get the desired effect without ruining it. Nowadays I can see many great shots which were completely destroyed by lousy post-processing.  

- How has love for photography changed your life?

- Photography changed my life in a good and bad way I can say. Good way is that I learned how to express myself through the shots. I found a passion which gives me satisfaction, it is relaxing and very calming. Being outdoors with camera takes me away from everyday problems and routine. Thanks to photography I met many great people, also photographers, visited many fantastic places and found my future goals. The only bad thing is that I can't go anywhere without heavy camera bag. It is my addiction.