25 aug, 2023

Today, we invite you to get acquainted with a well-known photographer whose career began in the late 1970s and who has truly become a master in the realms of art and commercial photography. His name is Herb Ritts.

Herb Ritts gained fame for his portraits and fashion shoots for magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and Rolling Stone. Additionally, he crafted successful advertising campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gap, Gianfranco Ferré, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Levi's, Polo Ralph Lauren, Valentino, and many others. Starting from 1988, he also directed numerous award-winning music videos and commercials. His artistic photographs have been showcased in exhibitions around the world, and his works are found in both public and private collections.

Both in his life and his work, Herb Ritts pursued clean lines and strong forms. The graphic simplicity of his photographs allowed for immediate perception and a visceral connection with his subjects. His creations often challenged traditional notions of gender and race.

Britney Spears, Los Angeles 2001

Penelope Cruz, El Mirage 2001

Reese Witherspoon, Malibu 2002

Salma Hayek, Los Angeles 2002

Jennifer Garner, Malibu 2002

Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi, Hollywood 1989

Charlize Theron, Malibu 1997

Jennifer Aniston, Los Angeles 2001

Julia Roberts, Los Angeles 1990

Kate Moss, Anguilla 1994

Gwen Stefani, Malibu 2002

Kate Hudson, New York 2002

Kim Basinger, Malibu 1991

Nicole Kidman, Culver City 1995

Nicole Kidman, Culver City 1999