16 aug, 2023

Today, we want to showcase the finest examples of unusual and striking portraits captured by drones. These featured works have become finalists in the "People from Above" competition, organized on the platform of one of the world's largest photography contests. In total, 467 photographers participated in the competition, submitting 1500 photographs.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of captivating and incredible shots achievable with the help of drones. Drone photography of people and portraits signifies a new era in the realm of photography, expanding the horizons of possibilities and inspiring the creation of unique and impressive images.

Photographing people and portraits with drones has become a popular trend, introducing a fresh perspective to the process of image creation. This approach allows photographers to break away from typical angles and bring their concepts to life in unique compositions. Thanks to drones, photographers gain the ability to capture from above, adding beautiful landscapes, geometric lines, and playing with spatial arrangements to their photographs.

Photographers can employ various angles, experiment with lighting, and play with movement and dynamics. This enables the creation of distinctive and emotionally charged portraits that captivate both the photographer and the viewer alike.

Valeria Doni, Moldova, Bender
Aleksandar Tomovski, Macedonia, Skopje
Timothy Shutov, Russia, Валдай