10 aug, 2023

We continue to introduce you to the best works of the prestigious international competition, the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2023.

The winning photographers will be showcased at Somerset House in London during Photo London, an international photo fair that brings together hundreds of galleries, publishers, and collectors.

Interestingly, the competition organizers provide guidance to participants:

many successful photographers submit the same work to several competitions before finally achieving victory. This is an effective strategy that allows you to present your work to a diverse range of jury members, to get noticed, and to embark on a new phase of your career.

Persistence is the key to having your work seen by influential experts around the world! It takes just one person to positively impact your creative journey.

Today, we want to present you with a selection of female portraits that have participated in the competition. Looking at these works, we understand how differently artists approach this genre, especially when there are no constraints limiting their creativity.