02 aug, 2023

At a time when the perception of truth is unstable, responses to it intrigue and diversify like never before. Choosing "Truth" as the theme for OpenWalls Arles, a British photography magazine selected interpretations that depict a desire to uphold traditions, challenge authorities, nurture others, and envision a new future in the name of truth.

Peter & Sue © Curtis Hughes

This portrait of Peter and Sue was taken at their home in Budapest, Hungary. They have been together for more than two years, and recently Peter proposed to Sue to marry her.

Silvia © Dave Shrimpton

Silvia suffered severe burns at the age of two, but 52 years later, she has become a public figure advocating body positivity. She even participated in this year's London Fashion Week, serving as a massive source of inspiration for everyone.

Untitled © Anna Sellen

In this project, I look at the past through the eyes of my family.

On Pause © Frankie Mills

Artem, an 8-year-old boy from Ukraine, steps into a pool for the first time in his new home in Ivybridge, Devon (UK). Artem resides in Devon through the "Homes for Ukraine" program.

Stolen Identity (Self-portrait) © Kristina Varaksina

For the past five years, I've been taking self-portraits in a simple studio. Each self-portrait is my emotional response to the world's events and my personal life. Despite my name, native language, and cultural heritage, I cannot identify with Russia as its actions fundamentally contradict my values and principles.

Nikita © Julian Simmonds

Nikita was seriously wounded during service in the Kharkov counteroffensive in September 2022. He was wounded, but he doesn't know how exactly it happened.

Leaders © Hark1karan

This photo collection shows who resisted and how they organized. What it's like to be part of a protest action stretching nearly 10 miles.

Natalia Temezhnikova © Nasti Davydova

The heroes of my project share how they manage to survive the crisis and internal fear in light of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and how this ultimately affects their creativity.

Sadjo Mane, who? © Rico X

A battle of minds, staying true to oneself. People see "Senegal" and "Sport" and think it's about the current football king Sadjo Mane. Well, that's not the case! It's about his compatriots, about men, about the struggle, about a sport that dates back to the 14th century.

I Can't Breathe © Sandra Chen Weinstein

Despite significant progress in civil rights, equal opportunities, and reducing discrimination, it's easy to forget about people who deviate from social norms and the issues they face.

Thoughts on Bosco © Kelly Ann Bobb

"Thoughts on Bosco" were influenced by the paintings of artist Bosco Holder.

Untitled © Roxana Savin

I was raised in the Christian Orthodox faith. A woman destined to procreate is a bride, wife, and mother. She lives between the two extremes of her existence: separation from God and connection with God through marriage and childbirth.

Zor © Selene Magnolia

July 2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After getting engaged, a young bride prepares for her wedding. Stolipinovo is Europe's largest Roma, Sinti, and Gypsy district: these communities are the most populous and systematically discriminated against on the continent. The image, showcasing pride and cultural richness in contrast to neglect and decay, symbolizes one of the true faces of our society.

Yunis © Julia Gunther

My goal isn't to reveal a single objective truth, but to explore a multitude of subjective layers of truth that are personal and relevant to each individual I photograph.

Intermission © Qi

When it was time for a break, I saw beautiful smiles on their faces. These smiles shine even brighter than the sunlight. Perhaps they had just finished surgery, maybe they had just saved someone's life.