06 aug, 2023

Continuing to introduce you to the results of the world's largest photo competition, 35 AWARDS. Today, our focus is on the "Wildlife" category, showcasing impressive photographs capturing touching family moments among animals. These unique shots allow us to witness the beauty of motherhood in the animal kingdom, captivating us with their professionalism and attention to detail.

The photographers who are winners in this category possess not only technical prowess but also a unique ability to capture moments of genuine love and care between mothers and their offspring. They convey true emotional bonds within the world of wildlife, enabling us to perceive them from a deeper and more sensitive perspective.

The winners of the 35AWARDS in the "Wildlife" category not only create unique and stunning images but also share their passion and concern for the natural world. Their photographs serve as reminders that we must preserve and protect nature for future generations, ensuring that mothers and their young ones can continue to delight us with their beauty and incredible lives in the wild.

Darshan Pithadia

Graeme Guy

Graeme Guy

Jayakumar MN

David Lerer

Dikye Ariani

Mohan Raj Nair


Putra Igo

Vladimir Tsvetov

Sergey Aleshchenko

Endra Agust

Gagarin Andrey

Goutham Ganesh Sivanandam

Gagarin Andrey