13 aug, 2023

Today, we have prepared for you the works of the winners of the world's largest photo award, 35AWARDS, in the "Wildlife" category, where photographers have captured funny and amusing moments that bring joy and smiles to everyone who sees them. These shots allow us to see that animals can also play and have fun, just like we do.

Photos of funny wild animals are not only entertaining shots, but also a kind of reminder that nature is capable of surprising and delighting us with its unique beauty and wonders. They call on us to appreciate and respect the wild nature and its inhabitants.

The winners of the 35AWARDS in the "Wildlife" category not only create unique and humorous photographs, but also share their love and respect for nature with us. Their creativity allows us to better understand the wild nature, inspires us to take care of the planet, and preserve its unique beauty for future generations.

Ajit kumar S