26 sep, 2023

We continue to introduce you to the best works of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2023, and today we have single shots. Each work reveals its unique story: from attention to detail to quick moments captured in the urban rhythm.

Photographers honored with this prestigious award not only know how to capture moments, emotions, and the atmosphere of the city's hustle and bustle but also narrate the sociocultural aspects influencing the appearance of modern cities. Their lens becomes a window into the world of urban life, and each frame is a key to understanding human diversity.

The winners of this award once again prove to us that street photography is not just about capturing random encounters for a few seconds but also about interacting with the surrounding environment, finding beauty in everyday scenes, and conveying the atmosphere of urban life through the lens.


© José Luna

Chaos Karma

© Andrea Bettancini

The Illusion of Meaning

© Svilen Nachev

Contest Winner - The Great Egg Pyramids of Giza

Jonathan Jasberg

3rd Place - Lady

Leclerc Celestial

Here Comes the Bride

© Giovanna Tonzanu

On a Saturday morning, I witnessed a wedding where guests tried to take shelter from the Spanish autumn sun while waiting for the bride.

Dance with Balloons

© David Keith Brown

A Passionate Week

© Álvaro Manuel Vegazo Gallego

Life by the River

© Sudeep Lal

2nd Place - Odessa

Laetitia Vancon

All of a Sudden

© Nadia Grimolizzi

Street Scene on Eighth Avenue

© Vincent Soyez

The Last Survivor

© Majid Hojati

Meysam owns a small shop on Taleghani Street in Isfahan (Iran). All the stalls around have long been demolished to widen the road, and only his shop remains.