Lens Culture BW: black and white photos worth seeing

30 sep, 2023

Lens Culture has announced the call for entries for the Black and White Photography Awards 2023, and today we want to share the first uploaded works with you.

Black and white photography is a timeless form of imagery composed of details, contrasts, and pure emotions it conveys. It's a deliberate aesthetic choice for many photographers.

The organizers of the competition are seeking outstanding black and white photographers from all cultures and experience levels, aiming to introduce them to a wide audience and provide opportunities to showcase their work at an exhibition in New York during The Photography Show 2024. If you're ready to step onto the global stage, join the competition.

"Sometimes I work in color, but I think, historically, I started off shooting in black and white. 'I see more in black and white - I like its mood.'" —Mary Ellen Mark.

Maria Laura Borgognoni Italy

Ivan Horvat Germany

Anatoly Suzdaltsev Kazakhstan

Kazuta Kawano Japan

James Cooke United Kingdom

Luc De Cock Belgium

Caleb Stein United States

Emily Tidwell United States

Pilar Elespuru Peru

Paul Menville France

Daniele Barocci United Kingdom

Ray Anello United States

Valeria Ciardulli Italy

Shenglong Pang China

Tatyana Rizhikova Russian Federation

Tatiana Sencha Russian Federation

Natalie Arber Australia

Akbar Mehrinezhad Iran

Mylène Haudebourg France

Maira Dias Ray France