10 oct, 2023

Over 6,400 photographers participated in the "Female Portrait with Flowers" contest, organized by one of the world's largest photography awards, 35AWARDS. The contest captured the attention of photographers and art enthusiasts from around the globe, making it a standout event that celebrates the splendor of femininity and the art of photography. Among the more than 26,000 entries submitted to the contest were photos that left us breathless with their beauty and depth. Each participant not only contributed their skills and talents but also poured a piece of their soul into their works.

Maha Smagulov, UAE, Dubai

Ilona Baimova, Valary, Russia, Stavropol

Anastasia Polyanskaya, Georgia, Poti

Zachar Alina, Israel, Meitar

The female portrait with flowers became not only the theme of the contest but also a means for photographers to express their mastery and admiration for female beauty. Some images were touching and intimate, while others were bold and experimental. Flowers served as symbols not only of nature but also of different cultural identities, styles, and personalities.

Alena Zhaak, Russia, Gatchina

Vladimir Suzdalov, Russia, Cheboksary

Diana Lipkina, Russia, Khabarovsk

Kristina Dugina, Russia, pgt. Giray

Anastasia Korbut, Belarus, Minsk

This photo contest, bringing together photographers from all over the world, provided compelling evidence that female beauty is infinitely multifaceted and inspires artists in every corner of the globe. It opened doors to a world of elegant and astonishing portraits, reminding us that beauty is something greater than we can imagine. Each photograph became a drop in the ocean of eternal female beauty.

Ksenia Sergeeva, Russia, Ryazan

Lera Vasilcheva, Russia, Chelyabinsk

Maria Volkovskaya, Russia, Moscow

Natalya Vodovozova, Russia, Krasnodar

Olga Naniy, Moldova, Tiraspol

So, the "Female Portrait with Flowers" photo contest put the magnificence of female beauty in the spotlight. It served as a reminder of how essential it is to respect and celebrate the strength and individuality of women.

Olga Sycheva, Russia, Cherepovets

Tmenov Boris, Russia, Vladikavkaz

Tmenov Boris, Russia, Vladikavkaz

Zaretsky Yuri