World Professional Photographers Organization

WPPO exists to bring together professionals of commercial photography from all over the world

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WPPO means

Free Access to Museums And Exhibitions Increase their income and living standards
Accreditation For Worldwide Events Accreditation for major worldwide events in the field of photography
Recognition Of Professional Status Recognition of professional qualifications
Discounts Discounts on photographic equipment and photo services
Support Information and legal support
We share our experience and opportunities with every WPPO member so that they would feel real benefit of cooperating with us, and be able to open up new frontiers in the world of photography!
Over 3,000,000 printed magazines Our team has been operating since 2002 and we have published over 3,000,000 printed magazines.
Photographer's Day We came up with the concept of "Photographer's Day" and we celebrate it annually in Russia and the CIS (July 12).
Exhibitions and events We have organized dozens of exhibitions and events and published thousands of articles on photography and photographers.
Launched 35AWARDS We have launched 35AWARDS, the largest open photo award in the world by the number of participants.

How It Works

As an aspiring Member of WPPO You fill out our application
Our committee reviews it
If approved, you will receive a link to the draft of the contract
You fill out our extended application form and pay the membership fee
After 20-30 days, you will receive your membership certificate, badge and press card