Troickaya Viktoria

ID: LV-0120820

My name is Victoria and I am a portrait photographer.
A severe north climate of Baltic countries, as well as cold Baltic sea, have shaped my style and characterized the moody tones in my photography.
There are mostly portraits and fashion photography that prevail in my portfolio. What I seek in any portraiture is the uniqueness of the model. Each person has his inimitable trace, and my aim is to catch it. I am tempted by unusual beauty, emotions in the shot, and the play of color combinations. I like photography to be tasty with its dark deep shadows and a pinch of color.
I would probably be now an English language linguist, or maybe a translator, if not for the day when my husband offered me to buy a camera and complete basic photography courses. Since then, I have not let loose the camera. It has been already 4 years since photography has become my profession. It is not so long, but it is just the beginning of a fantastic journey in photography.
I currently have some series of images published in such magazines as: GMARO Magazine, Horizont, Feroce, Scorpio Jin, BEAUTYMUTE, Like A Lion.


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14 aug, 2020