Florides Athos K.

ID: CY-0030820

Athos K. Florides is a self-taught professional photographer, educator, and entrepreneur. He was born in Nicosia - Cyprus, and lived in Illinois for six years.

He’s a collector of pins, vintage cameras and toys, and photography coffee table books. He has traveled extensively to Europe, United States, Middle East, and a little bit to Southeastern Asia. He’s destination wish list includes Tokyo, Iceland, Moscow (in this order  )

Since 2018, he is the founder and Director of Pixie Lab & Studio in Nicosia, a unique photography school for kids (5+), teenagers (12+), and adults (18+).
In 2019 he expanded the studio’s physical store and operations to include Photography books sales, small library, Photographic equipment sales, film development, and a small gallery.

He’s photographic expertise includes Portrait Photography, Fine Art Photography, and Fashion & Catalog photography. After a long time in 35mm digital photography he decided to move into medium format cameras both film and digital, establishing this way a new creative incentive.

Website: https://athoskflorides.com

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13 aug, 2020