Storm, lightning and stars in Brent Shavnore’s photographic poetry

26 aug, 2021


What do you think when you hear the words ‘storm’, ‘lightning’ and ‘stars’? Something about poetry, right? But what if we are talking about photography? Then it will be dramatic landscapes of American photographer Brent Shavnore. Unimaginable forms of storm clouds, flashes of lightning and the quiet starry sky - a real photographic poetry.


Who I am

My name is Brent Shavnore, I am a Digital Artist from Florida. I started off as a photographer shooting surfing pictures and landscapes, then took it to the next level by combining my own photos to turn them into something magnificent.

I started talking photos when I was a child, my first photo was one of an airplane wing over Okinawa, Japan and have been fascinated ever since.

In the past, Shavnore was a Marine Corps Veteran but after his 5-year tour in Iraq he decided to start developing in the audiovisual art world. Thus, he not olny became a sound dirctor, photographer and videographer, but also a marketing consultant in social networking. His work experience is really impressive: he worked on documentaries for the Forbes Magazine, wrote articles on surfing for different magazines, produced commercials and shot musical clips for various music bands and events all over the US.

He also got a bachelors degree in Psychology at the University in the southern state of Maine. He did that in order to better understand how the human brain works and answer the question: why does this or that work of art or music evoke a certain reaction from the consumer. Scientific approach and determination of the connections between art and the human brain - are the exact things that keep Brent moving forward and create media-, audio- and visual art which will meet the needs of the consumer.

About my love for photography

I love photography and digital art because it’s amazing how something that is still and doesn’t move can evoke such powerful emotions. Let your mind take over and do the rest.

My inspiration

I am inspired by mother nature and storms, they are powerful and ominous, I love capturing the emotions portrayed by these storms. I am a digital artist, I love blending photos together to create a piece thet has never been seen before, something that stretches the mind into a different dimension.

The main objects of Brent’s photography are power and beauty of nature - starry sky over a city or ominous storms. And he is very good at conveying the sense of power and inevitability that they inspire.