Cristina Coral: The image of woman expresses feelings best

10 nov, 2021


Our memories have a strong influence on our lives, they are a base for the way we see the worldand idea of beauty. Italian photographer Cristina Coral uses her past as inspiration for herwork. Internal dialogue is a powerful resource for realizing Cristina's ideas in photos. In the interview for Russian Photo Magazine Coral is talking about her approach to work, trends in photography and a photographer’s routine.


Cristina, we know that you were born in Italy and raised in an artistic environment. How did you get interested in photography?

I lived my childhood in an artistic environment. My first camera was my mother’s: a Bencini Comet II film 127. I was very young, my family was my first photographic subject. A few years ago I picked up a digital camera and started exploring how to use it. I attended a workshop and immediately understood what the camera could give me in terms of experimenting and discovery of the world around me, as well as more about myself. I’m still in the process of learning and experimenting.

Please, tell us about your creative development. How did you learn to take pictures?

I think, it is very important to experiment and observe. Every day life seems to be the best source, but also the memories. In observation of reality, thoughts are the main pulses. Very often the starting point of my stories is the research of the location and the analysis of the details which makes the photos.

Who or what do you think had a great influence on your art?

Without a doubt my memories and my inner dialogue.

How do you get inspired?

Beauty and aesthetics in their all forms.

All your models are women. Why? Is this some kind of concept?

The female figure is the best interpreter of feelings and my aesthetic vision with her fragility. I prefer to work with non professional models, I find them more spontaneous.

Can you talk a bit about your approach to the work? How do you plan your photo shoot?

The scenery is undoubtedly very important in my pictures. The research of the place is very often the starting creative act of my stories. I create the space where the model can move spontaneously, capturing what I NEED. Only sometimes I actually give them instructions. Every single aspect, shapes, background, models, color, light, composition, details play a major role in my photography. Very important is to feel the energy of the space.

You are a famous photographer in the society of European photographers and you worked with such magazines as Vogue Italia, LensCulture, Huffington Post, Elle Décor, Elle Italia. Please, tell us what are the current trends in photography in Europe.

I don’t consider myself a photographer. I choose the camera as my main tool of artistic expression. I believe that the artistic freedom plays a fundamental role in determining personal style and one’s own vision. What is important is the final result. Speaking about trends... I think, diversity and shapes of masculinity are no longer a trend but the reality.

What do you do besides photography?

My life is about getting inspired. I’m interested in art, philosophy, aesthetics, cinema, music and enjoying the life itself.

Cristina, has the COVID-19 situation affected your work?

Everything is fine. Fortunately, some projects have only been postponed.

Where do you think a beginner should start in photography?

Besides knowing the basics, to photograph you must first and foremost be able to see and experiment. That is the key.