Finalists Announced for Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

07 sep, 2021


Main photo: Kristina Holfelder


The jury of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards announced the finalists of this year. 13 funny animal photos from around the world are 13 reasons to smile!

According to organizers of the competition, 2020 was full of surprises – they never have had so many entries, and of such high quality as in this year.

The main aim of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is promoting conservation through a positive message. What a positive message? You will not find here photos of environmental tragedies, but only comical images of animals around the world. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards shows that every creature on our planet has its right for living.

On 22th October winners of 2020 will be uncovered.

Arthur Telle Timmen

Asaf Seret

Ayala Fishaymer

Bernhard Esterer


Vay Ping Pen

Djagdip Radjput 

Jill Neff

Eugeniy Samuchenko 

Jacques Poole

Kay Cocyan

Ken Crossan

Petr Sochman

Kunal Gupta

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