Sergey Gorshkov's picture wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year

19 dec, 2021


Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov's picture wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year grand title.

The picture, titled The Embrace, shows the intimate moment an endangered Amur tiger hugs an ancient Manchurian fir tree to mark it with her scent. It took Russian photographer over 11 months to capture this image using motion sensor cameras.

The head of jury says: 'It's also a story told in glorious color and texture of the comeback of the Amur tiger, a symbol of the Russian wilderness.'

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, founded in 1965, is an annual international showcase of the best nature photography. This year, the contest attracted more than 49,000 entries from around the world. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum, London.

Born in a remote Siberian village, Sergey grew up immersed in the nature of the Russian wilderness. For most of his life, he was more likely to look at wild animals through the crosshairs of a rifle rather than the lens of a camera, but a trip to Africa and an encounter with a leopard changed the course of his life.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to taking beautiful pictures of animals to connect the human world to the wildlife that we are slowly losing. He now specialises in the polar regions of Russia, seeking out the bears, foxes and geese that inhabit these frigid realms.

Sergey is the founding member of the Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers. His images are printed in magazines around the world and he has garnered awards in Russia, the UK, Italy and France. He also organizes personal exhibitions and seminars in Russia and Europe.


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