31 aug, 2023

Today, we invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fashion and style as we present to you the best works of the world's largest photo award, 35AWARDS, in the "Fashion Photography" category.

Fashion photographers recognized by the 35AWARDS jury skillfully collaborate with models, makeup artists, stylists, and lighting to convey the ideas they wish to express through their works. Their creations are often bold and experimental, playing with various elements of fashion, style, and the surrounding environment. Photographers can utilize both classic and modern elements to craft stunning and captivating images.

Each photo in the fashion category tells a story where all elements—model, clothing, concept, atmosphere—come together in harmony, unveiling a unique world of style and elegance. Fashion photography isn't just about model faces and trends; it's also about capturing mood, passion, and emotions through photographs. The winners of the 35AWARDS in this category showcase a high level of skill and creativity, revealing to us the incredible realm of fashion and style.

Elisey Vovrzhenchik

Rustam Rakhimov

Alexandra Aksenova

Barmina Anastasia

Igor Mendez

Barmina Anastasia

Elena Gridnevskaya

Natalia Sidorova

Olga Sycheva

Roman Radionov

Melanie Dietze

Julia Sudakova

Julia Chebotareva